Kirei (Key-Re‚Äče)

 Height: 5'3
 Weight: 96 lbs
 Blood Type: AB
 Age (Angel): 22 
(Human): 44

 The daughter of a Demon and an Angel, born in the era of Serenity.

Her mother was an angel but told no one who the father was. Only the iris ring in her right eye gives evidence to her Demon lineage. Now that's she's older, Kirei has become a Sept Guardian. She's sheltered and really doesnt know all that much about how her own people opperate. Regardless, being a Sept Guardian is an honor, which Kirei holds above all else.


 Xura (Zur-Ah)

 Height: 5'2
 Weight: 100 lbs
 Blood Type: O
 Age (Angel): 19 (Human): 38

 Daughter of Angels, born in the era of Serenity.

Fledgling Sept Guardian, working under Kirei.


 Amor (Ah-More)

 Height: 5'5
 Weight: 118lbs
 Blood Type: B
 Age (Angel): 25 (Human): 50

 Daughter of Demons, born on the verge of the Serenity era.

Despite being the eldest, Amor is a Sept Guardian under Kirei, but holds the title of Sept Soilder as well. As a true bred Demon, Amor has an iris ring in both eyes.